China Cochran, Candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives:


Investing Quality Public Education  

I am a product of Detroit Public Schools. I believe in quality public education for all students in Detroit. I support smaller class size, investment in early childhood education, music in schools and providing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in all grade levels. As a scholar-activist, I will advocate for research-based education policy and to increase educational funding in Detroit. 

Uplifting Women & Girls of Color 

As an African American woman, I know first-hand that women and girls of color need support. In fact I wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of my mom, my grandmothers and other strong women of color in my life. From my work with the National Council of Negro Women, the National Congress of Black Women to my research on Black Girlhood as a doctoral student and my mentorship of young girls of color in my community, I remain passionate and committed to uplifting the status of women and girls of color.


As your State Representative I will stand strong against any attempts that increase the cost of healthcare. My mother is a breast cancer survivor so protecting women's health is an important issue for me. I am a pro-choice progressive woman of color, I believe that a woman’s healthcare should be decided between her and her doctor — not politicians.

Supporting our Seniors 

I believe workers deserve a secure retirement. I will fight to repeal of the senior retirement tax, which takes hard-earned money out of seniors’ pockets. I also support policies to protect seniors from identify theft, and strengthen consumer protection laws so that no senior is taken advantage of. Working with City of Detroit officials to restore the Office of Senior Citizens is a top priority of mine. I believe that we should provide activities and services aimed at improving health, safety and quality of life of our seniors. Additionally providing resources for grandparents raising grandchildren is an important issue. 

Creating Jobs &
Strengthening Small Business 

Detroit based small businesses are being left out of the resurgence. Businesses that beat out a marginal existence for years are now being left behind by the city they have loved and served for years. They need an advocate. Helping local entrepreneurs with the support they need to grow their business is important to me. District 3 is home to The Avenue of Fashion, one of the most successful business corridors in Detroit, that model can be expanded to other areas in the District. I believe that investing in small businesses and entrepreneurs will strengthen local economies and communities.  

Auto & Homeowner Insurance  

Detroiters pay excessive rates for auto and homeowners insurance . For many car insurance is a burden, many residents pay more for their car insurance than their car note. It is time for us to reform the entire insurance model in the state so that it erases the practice of redlining and once-and-for-all eliminates the blatant racial discrimination that has permitted Detroiters to be charged burdensome rates. As your State Representative in District 3, I will fight to lower automobile insurance and homeowners. I will work to put an end to redlining.  


Retaining Young Talent  

To keep our young people in Detroit, we must make communities safe, vibrant, and welcoming. Education, training opportunities and access to jobs are an important factor in retaining talent in Detroit. With the boom of jobs in Downtown & Midtown many of our talented people of color are leaving Detroit for better opportunities outside of Michigan. Our priority should be to keep our talent home, especially people of color. I also support increasing the minimum wage and developing programs to keep talent living and working in Detroit.   


Fighting for Veterans 

Growing up in Detroit my grandfather was my biggest supporter. He attended every recital, play and ceremony from elementary school through graduate school. My grandfather passed away in March 2015 at the age 78, as a Vietnam-era veteran he suffered damage to his hearing. Caring for my grandfather at the end of his life was eye-opening experience. The support my family received from Veterans programs were stellar and I believe that the men and women who served our country deserve not only our respect and admiration, but the best care possible as they age and/or cope with injuries sustained in the line of duty. With that in mind and in honor of my grandfather, I am determined to uphold our promises to Michigan servicemen and women and give them the best care possible. 


China Cochran is a dynamic young leader who will hit the ground running in Lansing. China will stand up for seniors, public schools and will fight for our community. She is an advocate for women’s rights, young people, children and everyday families.


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